How We Do It


How We Do It

Making the right custom website and find the the right digital marketing campaign for your company – We Enquire, Consult, Design, Develop, Test and Implement what you need.

How We Do It - 1. Enquiry

1. Enquiry

It begins when you contact us via email or phone. Our friendly staff will listen to and understand your requirements. Basic questions will be addressed immediately. We will set up a date and time for the initial obligation-free consultation to discuss further details. me for the initial obligation-free consultation to discuss further details.

How We Do It - 2. Initial Consultation & Proposal

2. Initial Consultation & Proposal

The initial meeting is one of the most vital parts of website making. Our experienced consultants will identify your business goals and objectives and discuss what kind of site is suitable for your products and services, what content you should include, how to attract your potential customers through layout and design, etc.

We produce a written proposal that outlines the specifications of your website, explains the work and costs involved and includes all the details in writing to avoid any misunderstandings before we proceed with your project.

How We Do It - 3. Design Phase

3. Design Phase

Based on the written proposal, we will produce a design draft to present the general look and feel of your website. Usually design drafts will be altered a few times before receiving approval from the client. Unless agreed in the proposal we normally design only the index page at this point due to the time consumed in modifying every single page of a website. The index page draft will then be used as a guide for the rest of the website and we ensure that the design theme is consistent.

How We Do It - 4. Development Phase

4. Development Phase

After confirmation of the design draft from the client we will proceed to the development phase. We are experienced in developing websites on various open source platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Prestashop, Opencart and many more! Our developing team can also develop a website from scratch using HTML5, PHP, Javascript, Jquery and other programming languages based on your particular needs.

How We Do It - 5. Testing & Feedback

5. Testing & Feedback

All websites are developed on the dedicated server in our company and a specific link will be given to the client for checking progress, and testing and training for CMS management. We will ask for feedback regularly to ensure that the website is on the right track and can make necessary amendments as required.

How We Do It - 6. Finalisation & Go Online

6. Finalisation & Go Online

Before putting the site online, we will contact the client to ensure that the site is finalised and ready to become part of the internet.

How We Do It - 7. Review & Analyse

7. Review & Analyse

All our websites come with a 12 month warranty, which means any errors or bugs found will be fixed for free to ensure that your website functions properly.

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