Mobile Web

We rebuild Mobile-friendly websites to allow customers business access through smartphones and tablets. Today, mobile phones have become one of the most important digital marketing channels, leading to more sales than ever. There are 3 ways that mobile users can access your business’s information.

  • Visiting your full website via mobile browser
  • Visiting a mobile-friendly version of your site via mobile browser
  • Downloading company apps

Generally, users look up websites via mobile browsers before downloading mobile applications for information. However, mobile phones are often not able to display all the web pages found on full company sites. Pop ups and flash animations are especially troublesome for mobiles as they are so unlike desktops!

Minimising the loss of business information on a mobile browser requires the redesign of your website, allowing your message to fit correctly on the smaller screen. The redesign is easy to update and maintain, cost effective, and compatible with the site at large.

We offer mobile web solutions appropriate for start-up businesses through to established mid-sized businesses across all industries. Contact our mobile marketing specialists to enable the Call To Action in the mobile world today!

Mobile Application

Mobile apps are an ideal investment for specific services and businesses as they allow real-engagement with the right targeted audiences. They are distinctively different from the traditional advertising methods as they are specifically designed for customer interaction with your brands in real time.

Businesses grounded in loyal customer bases are well suited to a mobile app platform. It allows enhanced engagement and retention levels as well as online purchasing processes, bringing great flexibility to the mobile user. Wherever they are customers always have the convenience of buying and paying via their mobile phone.

Mobile application makes a customer’s phone more useful, time-efficient and friendly! Just remember this! To ensure your apps are not uninstalled by the user it is essential to provide the user with continuous communication and positive experiences.

The key features of mobile app are:

  • Supporting multiple languages
  • Providing push notifications and coupons at no costs to users
  • Increasing functionality and utilisation of GPS, camera and video
  • Integrating with other social media apps like Facebook, Twitter
  • Faster and easier to access than mobile websites

Getting users to download your application is the first step to making a successful mobile marketing strategy. Contact our Mobile marketing specialists to enable the Call to Action in the mobile world today!


Mobile phones have become an important communication tool in people’s lives, and this personal device has enabled advertisers to reach their prospective customers by sending a simple ad to their phone.

Unlike other forms of marketing channels, SMS/MMS marketing is able to target a specific set of customers within a particular age, gender or profession who are interested in an advertisers’ services or products. It can stand on its own or be integrated with existing marketing activities. Instant SMS/MMS messages can be sent anytime and anywhere, and also be easily maintained and monetized. Moreover, it is cost effective and brings higher response rates than other traditional advertising activities.

If you run a retail store, apparel store or restaurant, SMS/MMS is a very useful marketing idea for staying in touch with your customers. It will serve as the best way to promote events, launch new products and send coupons and newsletters within a relatively small budget.

To deliver the feel of personal treatment to your customers, contact our Mobile marketing specialists to enable the Call to Action in the mobile world today!


  • Short message service – up to 160 characters of text message


  • Multimedia messaging service – up to several thousands of characters of text message with media rich content such as images, video, audio and slideshow.